The Book

Where the Tree Frogs Took Me

How encounters with strangers shaped a life of travel and beyond

Where the Frogs Took Me Book We are all looking for ways to make our lives meaningful and often turn to those in our inner circles and communities for the direction. But what if that sense of meaning and perspective comes from complete strangers? And what if those random encounters were not so random after all? This book shows us how to embrace the messages and subsequent lessons we receive from the different people – often complete strangers – that we meet while out there in the world.

This collection of stories from over twenty years of travel shows what we can learn about the world we live in through greater empathy and understanding of the people we share it with. Each encounter we have, however, sad, humorous, strange or seemingly insignificant is part of the journey we are all on.

Where the Tree Frogs Took Me is for anyone who appreciates the diversity of the human experience and our reaction to it in all of its different forms. This book will resonate with people who are open to the notion of synchronicity and the significance of each encounter as meant to happen in order to create a change or shift in our lives.

Table of Contents
1. Creepy Cabdriver
2. Witch
3. Grandma Amsterdam
4. Eavesdropper
5. Seat Savers
6. Old German Lady on the Plane
7. Kids with the Runny Noses
8. Warriors
9. Drunken Educator
10. Guy who I Accidentally Fell in Love With
11. Hero I Tried to Ignore
12. Birthday Guests Read a Sample!
13. Rushegura Family
14. Forgiver
15. Hippies on the Train
16. Jerks who Left with our Bags
17. Boy on the Sidewalk
18. Bible Thumper
19. Lady who Speaks through Mangoes
20. Unlikeliest of Travelers
21. Tree Frogs