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Do What Scares You

We’re all afraid of something even if we’re too afraid to admit it, which by proxy means we are afraid. I can admit that my list of fears includes both the rational and the somewhat irrational. I’m scared of centipedes, flying, liars, driving in the snow,…

South America

La Paz

I usually fall in love with every place I travel to for one reason or another. I’m a culture vulture and a people watcher. I love landscapes as much as cityscapes. And I thrive when I’m out of my comfort zone and have to navigate the…

Featured South America

Las Pampas Amazon Tour

After the buzz of the Salt Flats I was a bit deflated when I learned a few towns near Uyuni that I was hoping to visit for my last week in Bolivia were plagued with ongoing miner protests. I was told that I could still go, but…

South America

Uyuni Salt Flats

A tour of the Salt Flats in Uyuni (Salar de Uyuni) was lingering on my bucket list for years, so part of my motivation for visiting Bolivia was to finally see this unique and beautiful place. And on a three-day tour of the area, I saw…

South America

Easter Island

Early in my South America trip I entertained the idea of going to Easter Island as a birthday present to myself, which I thought I thoroughly deserved for god-knows-what reason. And since I was going to get as close to it as I ever would…