About Me

Maia WilliamsonMaia has been an avid traveller for over 20 years. Most of her travels have been solo and almost always with a backpack. She has been to over 40 countries and loves to climb mountains (despite a crippling fear of heights) as much as she does lying on a beach.

Her favourite part of travelling, however, is the people she meets along the way and the cultural diversity she learns about. She’s a firm believer in immersing herself in the communities she visits, getting involved in community service when she can, and doing things that are at the very least, new and potentially uncomfortable.

She writes about people, her travels and other daily musings in her spare time. Her first book, a travel memoir, Where the Tree Frogs Took Me (Sunbury Press) was published in January 2020.

Maia teaches ESL (English Second Language) at the university level in Windsor, Ontario, Canada where she lives with her young son, who she hopes will develop the same wanderlust she has. In fact, she’s counting down the days to when she can take him on his first backpacking journey.